Take control of your rehab

Meet Universal Office© - a practice automation software designed for Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinics, Community and Multi-disciplinary Rehabs, and Assessment Centres. It defines and automates the three key functions in your office: Healthcare Practice, Office Management, and Reception.

Universal Office© can operate on a single or numerous computers at any given time. The data is stored in a secure central server that all of the stations connect to.

Schedule appointments

The Appointment Book is a multi-tasking, interactive tool that allows quick and easy appointment scheduling. With the user-friendly layout of the Appointment Book, users can easily identify available time slots for treatment by each Health Provider.

The scheduler allows overlapping appointments, creation of appointment notes, applying charges, reconciling payments, and changing appointment status.

Manage patient files

The Patient Manager is uniquely structured to accommodate more than one case-file per patient. This unique structure organizes files and accurately retains patient case history.

Example: If a patient that has been treated under MVA in the past returns for treatment as a WSIB patient, a new case can be created. Every case contains its own data, such as Intake Date, Date of Loss, Referral, Invoices and Outstanding Balances, Disability Certificates, Treatment Plans, Correspondence, and Clinical/Soap Notes.

Complete claim forms

Quickly complete WSIB, OCF, and Extended Health claim forms.  Maintain tracking for every claim form by logging document submission date and insurer or WSIB adjuster response.

See Product Features below for a complete list of claim forms that are completed by Universal Office.

Increase cash flow

Batch Billing will take away your invoicing chores.  Pick a date range and request Universal Office to issue invoices once or twice a month.

Batches are stored and can be deleted. Invoices can be reprinted at any time selectively or all at once.

Upon successful batch run, a report with a list of duplicate charges accidentally made for every patient is provided.

Maintain case correspondence

Record and maintain correspondence with adjusters, legal reps, etc for very patient case.

The post notes can be misplaced, lost, or trashed, but correspondence record in patient’s file will stay on record forever.

Set reminders on important conversations that require you to take action by a due date.

Stay on top of daily tasks

Alerts and Reminders help office staff as well as management to stay on top of important tasks.

Don’t try to remember what plans are due for adjuster response, what invoices are overdue, or the patients that must be re-assessed.  Get reminded and don’t miss a single due date.

Universal Office® features automated task alerts and reminders that ensure completion of regular tasks.

Fast & Easy HCAI

The HCAI Tracking Manager will allow you to submit plans and invoices to the HCAI system. In return you will receive delivery confirmations and adjuster responses.

The user-friendly interface lets you concentrate on the plans and invoices that require immediate attention.  All plans and invoices that are ready for submission to HCAI will be stored in the “Ready to Submit” queue. 

Financial & Statistical reports

The Reports Manager enables easy retrieval of business information such as statistical, financial, and accounting data. The Reports Manager can quickly provide valuable business insight. Organize reports into categories and name the categories.

Design and layout tens of thousands of custom reports.  No programming knowledge required. Plus, easily save reports as Word, Excel, Adobe, Jpg, Gif, and many other file formats.

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